What is Passion?

What is Passion? A very powerful word needed in all walks of life and world, online and offline.

Without passion we struggle to attain faith, desire, hope, dreams, peace and powerful or positive results in life.

Perhaps what we need in schools, education, are courses and degrees is Passion. How does one achieve or attain passion? I think the mind, soul and spirit are great places to start the process.

Meditate, work and smile towards your dreams or goals within.

Passion is Intrinsically tied to our mind, soul and spirit within. One has to SEE or desire to SEE something strong enough for it to manifest or become a reality.

This automatically triggers passion within of mind, soul and spirit into reality. This is the truth!

Have you ever thought or dreamt something and it one day happened, because you really believed or kept thinking, dreaming or desiring within?

Passion is what made Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Google founders and many celebrities rich and famous. They never quit! They stayed relentless against all obstacles, until they achieved their dreams or goal.

What is your passion like? Even if your at zero never settle for what is happenning around you, try to focus and settle for what is IN YOU. It takes the same energy to think negative, than it takes to think positive.

Whatever you think and do make it big, beautiful and positive.

Have a great day!

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