Web Traffic for a Site Online

Web Traffic for a site online i.e. blog or website in any industry, is the most challenging aspect of online affiliate marketing, promotion or advertising. But why?

I don’t think top online multi-millionaires know the real answer to this problem. Online traffic is colossal, but who is controlling it? I think this pie chart below answer’s this.

The above chart is just the U.S or United States of America, and one can see Google rules with 69.03% share of search. On a global basis lets see who rules the lion share of desktop search:

Google again, what about smartphone or mobile search?

The above charts show Apple and Samsung control the lion share of smartphone sales and usage worldwide. This is amazing because in 2013, Google controlled around 55-60% of global smartphone or mobile market share with Android.

It also appears worldwide, smartphone sales appear to have flat-lined and less people are thrilled or motivated to renew smartphone contracts for 1 or 2 years. Most people probably have 1 or 2 cell-phones they can dust off and utilize. So what makes ‘good’ traffic from SEO even PPC like waiting for a flight, that for most people is often delayed? Watch these videos:

One would be VERY wise to pay attention to all of the above, we have enough global online traffic and mobile traffic across 192 countries of beautiful people, of all nations and cultures. Lets make this world for the plenty not the few.

Paul Branson aka Infogurushop.

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