Making Money at Home

Making Money at Home, is a dream most people desire worldwide. Who does not want to work from home? In the future, more people will be working and making money more at home? Look at the High-Street across the U.S, Britain and worldwide.

Here is a list of 100 PRO Tips about making money at or from home.

If you love your home you will love making money from home. You can still have an office and save money working from home. Why pay business rates when you can get someone else to do that?

I have been a Business freelancer for 10 years. I like to Freelance between paid, contract and entrepreneurial registered Ltd Company roles. I enjoy doing and working on what I want to do online or offline.

Yes, I have the best serviced offices and access to e-innovation workshops, co-working, conference rooms, but I do set most meetings in my local hotels, restaurants, bars or in an area I love, or via my mobile or tablet LIVE. This is why entrepreneurs love hotels and Starbucks right?

100 Pro Tips to making money at or from home are:

  1. You need a room – where you can relax and work in peace, quietness and get work done
  2. You need a desk – so you can sit and work in comfort
  3. You need a laptop or PC – a laptop is easy to grab, move around or hit the road etc
  4. You need a printer – these days you can purchase a wireless printer at a low cost
  5. You need a comfortable sectional sofa – you can entertain 3-6 people cowork, meetings
  6. You need a hard-drive to backup all your data around 2TB minimum is a good start
  7. You need broadband Internet service which usually requires a phone line providor
  8. You need office printing paper, ink cartridges, pens, whiteboards or calender planner
  9. Also one can use automated CRM Content Relationship Management or CMS software
  10. You need a website or blog – one cannot make money from home without basic tools
  11. You need a smartphone mobile device and number, so people can reach and connect
  12. You need a registered business name even as freelance, most websites need Ltd status
  13. You need web hosting, there are a ton of choices for beginners not much for Pro users
  14. You need an Accountant…even if making NO MONEY get an accountant for Tax filing
  15. Lets be real…most startups and businesses do NOT make any money in 1-3 years
  16. Making money at or from home takes all or most of the above, do not ignore.
  17. You will need business cards, at least something to tell people what you do or offer
  18. A business card is also good for sharing your website url, social media, name, contact etc
  19. You may need a web developer, or use the right tools like WordPress with free theme to win. I can show you how to do this low-cost, professional and quickly.
  20. You need social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin etc
  21. You need social media channels for more than one reason, i.e. link juice and power to website or blog
  22. You need great content but DO NOT write from the top of your head. Research, get trained the right way or spend years writing until you are drained and fail.
  23. List all the categories and keywords around your website branding and content as plan.
  24. Do Google, BING or Yahoo searches to see if others have taken brand name or strategy
  25. Will need specific website plugins and tools to make blog or website life easier or Pro
  26. If you choose a FREE blog or website service make sure you own what you do
  27. The person who owns the domain URL is the true owner of blog or website
  28. You really don’t want to be working on a FREE blog or website for years and not own it
  29. Making money at home like any profession or industry requires PRO TOOLS on your website, pc and or laptop
  30. Making money at home also requires the right strategies and techniques
  31. One can now work from an Island and still make money on a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

32. The right techniques and strategies is NOT easy to find, but get it right and one can make big money

33. You will need to create or build up content 1ST to show your expertise, skill, value, worth

34. Are you listening? A blogger or content writer is how you make money at home or mobile

35. Amazon, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram all thrive on daily content like fresh bread

36. Fresh content is like fresh news and one needs to create the best content & news to win

37. Once you have your website or blog created and designed the right simple but PRO way, build it daily, think 1-3 years, and every piece of content affiliate advertise, Amazon or e-Bay link commission.

38. Times are changing now, the Web and Internet is shrinking to the mobile smartphone

39. Try to think of yourself of as a brand, are YOU funny, smart, passionate, good cook or influencer? What you are good at is your best way to making money at and from home.

40. Think of your website or blog as a SPIDERS WEB everything is topic planned and connected

41. Chat bots, plugins, software, getting the best tools is how you win-win online and make money.

42. Voice search is at 20% among mobile users, and mobile is driving more web traffic than PC.

43. Even as a newbie, research and always keep abreast of latest industry trends and news daily

44. Time-management, easy to get caught up in e-commerce, gaming, social media, technologies. You hardly shower, relax and rest :). Try to go to bed early and rise early with 8 hours of sleep.

45. There is NO need to panic if you are building from passion, love and determination. Money will come.

46. Over 7 BILLION people on planet Earth and the population is increasing not decreasing

47. This means people will need to make money and want to be making at or from home

48. The Internet and Web is not easy it takes knowledge, wisdom and strategy to win online

49. Have you noticed how many changes Google and Facebook are going through right now?

50. The battle and heat is on most online giants to keep people entertained, happy and fulfilled

51. To make money online use Google, BING, Yahoo to search keyword terms of interest

52. I just found 113 ways to make extra money from home or any place you like. But be careful.

53. Much of what the Web promotes or suggests are old tactics, worn shoes or ideas.

54. I think a better strategy is invest, purchase and go with those who clearly have money earning knowledge, and will train you for your investment, NOT hiding behind a email, but over-the-shoulder or 1-to-1 LIVE by voice, call or webinar etc.

55. I think the Web or Internet is heading full-circle back to the offline days of LIVE action are better than words.

56. Take a good look at YouTube and Netflix now people are making money deals going LIVE

57. Open a YouTube channel and if you like go LIVE and do product reviews, news, how-to etc

58. You could do Amazon, e-Bay, Wholefoods, Wal Mart and many other affiliate products

59. You could freelance trade, write and guest post your services on Fiverr, Upwork or Guru.Com etc

60. You could direct call, tweet, inbox or write to entrepreneurs, startups and businesses offering what you do and how it will help them win-win online or offline

61. Be unique, try to determine who is your ‘target audience‘ like Infogurushop we target B2B who want digital classifieds with video and more

62. One thing for sure people need money and they need training, knowledge, right money strategies and tips

63. One cannot make money if one does NOT have a viable and money making funnel or plan

64. Be careful, the web of global platforms, products and services have a way of changing fast

65. The best making money strategy is DO YOU about you for you to the world. Make it Pro.

66. What makes Celebrity actors, entertainers and YouTube presenters win? They are interesting and in demand

67. Build up your email list as this is your followers or fan base and they will likely spend and support you

68. Build up your email list using autoresponders, it can be costly but bots could be an option

69. I like to think MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS and this opens to bitcoin, MLM, affiliate, Consulting and e-commerce etc…

70. Automation is the now and future, plus a very good strategy. There are tons of products, services and companies needing advice, help, promotion, advertising and investment

71. A website or blog still needs TRAFFIC and this often is the biggest obstacle and problem online even with huge budgets

72. Try to use software that tracks, protects or blocks non-human clicks or SPAM registration

73. Your website and blog will need the best SECURITY of protection against the world

74. A website is like a car or house and many people will try to break-in or steal it if they can

75. Like going to the gym try to tweet, post and write content on a daily basis then EARN with links

76. Google Adsense or BING ads can work for income it depends on what works for you

77. Making money online there are many ways, choices and strategies but be careful like most jobs or deals pick winners

78. Think of the Web as, it needs content and good content as products, services, games, videos, music, websites, blogs etc What will you do?

79. Perhaps your a good cook why not turn your Kitchen or home into your own cooking show?

80. Perhaps you dance, why not turn your blog or website into everything about dancing?

81. Perhaps you fix cars or build motorcycles, why not make your website or blog all about this topic?

82. The beauty about people of this world is we are all unique and we are all born with at least one skill or talent

82. I am giving ten years of EVERYTHING anyone needs to not just get started but win online

83. If your thinking startup, technology, app, innovation and development its a long-road but could earn millions

84. I spent the last ten years fcussed on catching the latest technology plugins and developers are no longer cheap

85. Watch the best and high money online earners, they build simple, but multiple website networks

86. Think of what you do or are doing, how big or small do you want to build across what channels or devices? What mentor, knowledge, expertise or tools do you need to win?

87. Can you train, coach and if so what knowledge, expertise, package, benefit or price?

88. I think the world of people are so talented and blessed, they just need low-cost strategies how-to work hard, to make the dream work, starting within

89. I just spent 2K on a Pro training package, I go for LIFETIME, high earning training, updates and software not many, just 1 or 2 high-tickets. Also only promote the best you have tried and tested

90. Team-work try to get the support of friends, family and people who like what you do

91. We are living in the best times of our lives. The Internet & Web has many opportunities and is now settled. Mobile is worldwide and can connect the world. Try riding all the changes and developments of the last decade

92. Yes, the WWW is full of hype and empty promises, but is no different from the streets beware

93. How to make money at or from home can be done online and offline. You can even buy cheap things from bankrupt stock or even department store sales, and sell then higher on e-Bay

94. You could do e-commerce dropship but do this low-cost not high costs using Pro software

95. I think YouTube alone is now a huge opportunity for all people to go LIVE to the world

96. I think Facebook still has allot of clout, traffic and opportuities but only NINJA strategies work

97. Facebook timeline is now becoming overloaded and jam-packed. How much more can FB do?

98. To make money from or at home, why not call companies up and sell digital ad space?

99. Why not make money from or at home at as Travel Agent?

100. Why not write and sell case-study or research papers as a student, lecturer or professor?

The above 100 Pro tips to making money at or from home, is what anyone can do worldwide with passion, determination, faith, plan, strategy, knowledge, Internet, Web and mobile connection.

Paul Branson aka Infogurushop

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