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Make money with Digital Marketing, Advertising, Ecommerce, Social Media, SEO, PPC and other areas of online marketing and affiliate marketing.

Its official, America U.S. digital advertising market is now worth a whopping 100 BILLION USD reported by CNBC.

Strange thing CNBC also reported, the Digital Video Games market is also hitting 100 BILLION USD in revenue sales. This is tremendous!

This is great news for all those who have gone from netizens in the early days of MySpace, Bebo and blog 1.0 to now see the Web, Internet, mobile video and gaming market scaling the world at its fingertips.

How to make money with not only affiliate but digital marketing or online marketing requires much the same plan, process, system and ideology. Just different innovations, strategies, products, services, split-tests, SEO, PPC, social media, consumer targetting and marketing etc.

Without the fluff or hype, the Internet, Web has more fake news, offers and fake people on it than Pluto has moon dust.

However, I do believe as technologies mature i.e. 5G, AI, IOT, 3D and automation kicks in with improved software, CRM and CMS systems the Internet is going to become like a super-fast concorde or train, and people best get on board NOW not later, because the learning curve is stiff now and will increase even more on a yearly basis.

I am not going to write a long post, but make the point and offer clear the Internet, Web has a ton of money and opportunities worldwide.

This is the best time for entrepreneurial startups, work from home opportunities, but like most things we all need to invest in skills training and education.

Think about digital ads and digital video advertising now worth 100 BILLION USD each, that’s 200 BILLION USD and just two industries.

Take the math around the world and consider all industries associated with any type of sell, supply, buy, distribute, manufacture or trade etc, and the world could be worth a web, Internet, digital, social fortune of over 500 TRILLION USD.

Making money with web, mobile, digital, social and affiliate or ecommerce is not easy. Unless you have the right:




#Funnel System

#Balance of mindset and belief with action

#Right support in all areas startup, technology, social media, family and friends etc

#Right industry i.e. take a look at offline retail versus online ecommerce

#Right information and software or you lose BIG and cannot bootstrap your way to success

If you want the rest you will have to download my FREE PDF watch this space.

Paul Branson.

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