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Home Build or building a home will soon be IKEA, Amazon and B&Q. Imagine your next home could be a flat-pack or assembled by you? Watch video.

I just read this amazing article: You Can Buy a Home Building Kit On Amazon. I began thinking, a great way to purchase a home worldwide is buy land, then build it yourself. When you travel to other countries you witness most people worldwide, do not live in comfortable housing like most surburbs of U.S, England UK, Canada or Spain real estate or property.

I remember many years ago being invited to Spain all expenses paid as an investor, to invest in Spainish Real Estate when beautiful beach-front properties were seriously 30,000 and 100,000 high-end on beach-front and golf resorts as purchase strategy. Areas like Benalmádena in Southern Spain and La Duquesa Marina. Beautiful areas of Spain even to this day I cannot forget.

Luckily I did not invest, but many UK British people lost hundreds of thousands of GBP’s like 300-400 thousand as they watched the government of Spain order many beach-front properties did not have permission to build or developers never owned the land. But in 2016, to the tune of 4 BILLION there is hope of most or all being refunded.

Now in 2019, one can purchase a piece of land anywwhere in the world and get Amazon to deliver your new home. How is that for innovation? A powerful and affordable e-commerce, mobile and digital world! Watch this video of some superbs homes.

This is a modern, low-risk, affordable and smart way to invest in real estate or properties worldwide. I am beginnnig to think very differently in my modern approach to real estate and home onwership. Are you?

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Paul Branson.

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