Education, who cares worldwide about the word education? You will be really surprised. Watch video.

We have over 7 BILLION people on planet Earth, and the global population is increasing not declining. So out of 7 BILLION people of world, how many do you think care to search online or mobile for the word education? Take a look at this search result:

The thing about the word education is it covers nearly every skill, talent, industry, profession, person, people, family, business, organization, corporation and institution on planet Earth. How can anyone learn, grow or believe without education? Certainly every child on planet Earth needs Education. I am truly dumb-struck by this finding, and this is only the beginning of some keyword searches.

The word WIN Google Trends says is very low, Neil Patel says its 9.900 worldwide.

Keyword search for gold in any one month is 49,500 with Neil Patel, with Google Trends it’s around 100 whatever 100 means. The fact remains 7 BILLION people on planet Earth, so whom is fooling whom about keywords, web and mobile traffic?

Are parents, schools, colleges, universities, SME;s, wholesalers and retailers doing keyword research before they write or advertise online? This could be why you get click-fraud, because there are FEW HUMANS searching for some words we THINK are popular.

Do you know who Neil Patel is? Put it this way, Neil Patel is definitely Hall Of Fame of online entrepreneurs and millionaires of the Internet affiliate marketing world. He is estimated to be worth 35 Million USD in 2019. Yet look how many people in the world especially his native Country India, feel motivated by 35 Million or the brain or hype of Neil Patel? Seriously, I think Neil Patel is the Internet version of Warren Buffett.

Education appears to be lacking among people of all ages, they think their hip-hop, grunge, microwave, live for now ideology, is enough fuel or education to sustain them. How can anyone with a child or children, not search the word education online or their smartphone once or twice per month, worldwide?


The U.S Debt clock….I believe people need to do YOU and be the best YOU to the world.

Sure we all need learning and education, but the right learning and education online is actually low-cost or FREE. YouTube, Udemy and Online Libraries or entrepreneurs are a great way to learn for less daily.

Paul Branson.

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