Digital Marketing 15 P’s of Marketing

Digital Marketing 15 ‘s of Marketing, is what most startups, SME’s and businesses need as their goal or balance to win-win local, national and or global online and across all devices.

By win-win one can conclude it as the balance, sweet-spot or USP of an offer and acceptance. Win-win is the common point where two minds meet and agree in exchange, benefit, value and trust.

Sales or conversions online or offline are increasingly becoming harder and trust, confidence, value, benefit, price, place, promotion and product increasingly sits at the core of advertising and marketing today.

I remember the days when only 4p’s or 7p’s were mainstream now it feels as if we have 20p’s with over 192 countries and hundreds of different languages, cultures and beliefs all online or in one marketplace, device or platform.

What if I told you there are now 15 P’s of marketing and advertising today online and offline? I have officially listed my official list of them here below:

Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Position, Privacy, Policy, Performance, Penetration, Persuasion, Perception, Pleasure, Priority, Payment.

We have 15 solid related P’s of marketing specifically or directly related to online and offline marketing and advertising campaigns.

I would say, to ignore any or most of the above P’s one would either be leaving cash or money on the table or not taking seriously a modern day social, digital, online, mobile world has changed, we can no longer think just 4p’s or 7p’s of marketing and advertising.

I grew up studying and being educated to Degree level on Professor Phillip Kotler who is a genius in Marketing and actually coined social marketing concept , strategies and techniques.

When you read any book written by Kotler you instantly benefit all around. But, the 4p’s or 7p’s are now around 15 P’s so I am going to officially claim Paul Branson aka Infogurushop is the first to list, write and coin the above 15 P’s of Marketing and Advertising worldwide.

I am serious, note I said the ‘the above list‘ this is my list, and I will tweet and post this across Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook as dated fact.

I just found another 15 P’s written in 2015, but this list is different but interesting.

I will later write and discuss in a FREE PDF the importance of all 15 P’s online and offline.

Paul Branson.

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