Education, who cares worldwide about the word education? You will be really surprised. Watch video. We have over 7 BILLION people on planet Earth, and the global population is increasing not declining. So out of 7 BILLION people of world, how many do you think care to search online or mobile for the word education? … Read more Education

Web Traffic for a Site Online

Web Traffic for a site online i.e. blog or website in any industry, is the most challenging aspect of online affiliate marketing, promotion or advertising. But why? I don’t think top online multi-millionaires know the real answer to this problem. Online traffic is colossal, but who is controlling it? I think this pie chart below … Read more Web Traffic for a Site Online


BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, which is clearly challenging the norms of global western powers as developing and developed countries of the world. Are the tariffs disputes or threats of U.S. under Trump fear? I think in the 21st Century few people or countries can ignore BRICS military power, global … Read more BRICS

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