BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, which is clearly challenging the norms of global western powers as developing and developed countries of the world.

Are the tariffs disputes or threats of U.S. under Trump fear? I think in the 21st Century few people or countries can ignore BRICS military power, global trade and economic influence.

The biggest threat to western countries in the 21st Century, especially the U.S. is the BRICS Development Bank and combined military superpowers of China, Russia and Iran. BRICS is huge economic, trade and development news for the world of investors especially across all continents of AFRICA, which one hopes benefits all countries of AFRICA for african people of all ages and status.

The BRICS deveopment Bank is one powerful initiative to watch.

In the future, I see BRICS creating its own Bitcoin or crypto-currency and also going on the defensive or protectionism when it comes to web or online trade within and across the region.

I also think BRICS will definitely aim to create and control their own Internet and Web like China and Russia. One may have to be a citizen or registered Company in the region to operate across its Web and Internet service. This will certainly further divide the World Wide Web as we all know it today.

Paul Branson aka Infogurushop

Have a great day.

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