How to win online

How to win online largely takes website, blog, brand, niche, multi-tasking, boot-strapping, right strategy, product, services, tools, technologies, social media, SEO, PPC. It also takes web design, knowledge, funnel-system, boot-strapping, trust, powerful email campaigns, split-tests, conversion, faith and passion within.

The above list is not complete, but definitely a great starting point to think, plan and focus on what needs to be done long-term to win online in any industry.

There are thousands of people making six figure income online, because they have all and more of the above working perfectly like a Macdonalds, Starbucks or Amazon retail marketing system in any industry.

What I learned in 10 Years Online?

To build a solid brand name, with following or people at least knowing who you are with highly ranked SEO, around 1K pages and backlinks, with good content and a proven funnel-system on average takes 1-10 years.

Especially if your thinking six figure income and or a local, national or global startup initiative in any industry. To do it in less time takes investing in PRO or professional coaching strategies & techniques like anything else.

Once you build your brand across web, social media, achieve some award for Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or other, and you demonstrate AUTHOURITY of experience with awards or education on any specific area online and offline, you grow from a calf to a mature cash cow and ready for local, national and or global monetization in any industry.

The truth is the above will take most people years! This is no different to the offline entrepreneurial world where most businesses never make profit in their first 3 years. Also most startups or small business FAIL in the first three years. You can make money online with the right coaching or mentor in any industry.

You need to master your craft and expertise with passion. Your at minimum learning how to manage a business, website you own, with content, social media, security to control panel. If you think automation you can gain freedom and conversion in sales with the right marketing, advertising, social media, funnel system.

Winning Online Takes

#Plan – What, how, when and for what reason are you doing this? What industry? What strategy, channels, media, purpose, sales or goal?

#Passion – How much are you willing to risk to win online or in life? How much do you want to earn and why?

#Purpose – Am I prepared to sit, pay the accountant, tax man, website, subscription, agency or franchise fees, plus ad expenses and household bills for years to win?

#Time-management – unless you use automation you will need to multitask across many platforms.

#Branding – What will you call yourself? Why? Find a niche or brand that is unique, perceived to add value, expertise and worth is a good start.

#Website or Blog – If you watch most successful people online, they are using very simple but automated systems for their business website i.e. WordPress has some big brand names like StarWars, Beyonce and Disney. You could also buy into an agency, subscription or franchise in any industry that provides all or most of what you need.

#Social Media following, engagement and influence. As stated this takes years, but there are ‘ways’ to grow. As the popular saying: its not what you know, but who you know often yields bigger returns.

#SEO is search engine optimization and every year online giants tighten the screw of SEO, they prefer their PPC models above SEO. The learning curve to rank organically online is now a specialist area of tools, knowledge, strategy and expertise. Can you still rank Top 20 online for most keywords absolutely.

#PPC regardless of the many offers online especially surrounding affiliate marketing and many traffic sources, nothing beats PPC – Pay Per Click advertising across Google, BING, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat etc. The online giants rule, no matter what startup or competitior launch, they eventually will have to invest in PPC for quality traffic in any industry.

#Video Advertising is what is driving social media strategies across all platforms. Most people are not reading much these days. Humans have become remote control, fast-food, couch or sofa lazy. They wants things easy and fast! Now they grab their cell-phone, search, browse, record their YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram blurb, as content, podcast, video or advert. Search engines are also now moving more towards bot, voice search, media entertainment and LIVE recordings or broadcasting. This is the AI, IOT, Netflix, YouTube effect and battle of the giants online and offline against TV and Radio.

#Funnel-system of Pro tools – to advertse, promote, track, test and convert from Google Adwords, BING, Yahoo, e-Bay, Amazon, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, e-Bay, Instagram and more.

What’s in it for YOU is you get a PRO that has a decade of online experience, and who also has earned big money, and is now hanging with the best group of online marketing professionals who are online Millionaires.

I spent most of my ten years online mastering social media to 1% influencer status, and building a ‘GLOBAL’ product. Think 192 countries with every city, town and state listed, how long do you think it would take you to list and complete such a web technology task?

As Paul Branson aka Infogurushop we were shortlisted for VentureFest in 2016, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 2016, Top 50 Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 across 100 countries, and Top 1% Social Media influencer status. This is my personal track-record.

But now, its time for coaching people of all ages and preparing them for the digital skills shortage and capitalizing on the automated world of employment, work-from-home and business worldwide. This website provides the research, opportunities, products, services, strategies and tools.

What is in it for you is MULTIPLE INCOME strategies, niches, leading opportunities, various system funnels, email campaigns, SEO, PPC techniques and product launches etc. All with LIVE chat and connection not hiding behind emails. If your serious, even as a newbie I will coach you how to register your business, get a website up with products and things to promote or sell in 30 days max.

You may want a travel agency, trade stocks, do SEO, PPC, software programming or affiliate marketing. This will be achieved through researching, listing work-from-home, JV’s, partnering, MLM and affliate networking opportunities of the best tools, products and resources worldwide.

Register, take action and stay connected LIVE.

Have a great day!

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